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“The UK Boarding School Exhibition is an excellent event which was productive for the local schools and very well attended by the students and their parents. Being able to meet the children made the process far more enjoyable and exciting and there were some excellent candidates we hope to place in the coming years. The approach to education adopted by the schools we visited and the people we met work very well with the UK system. Above all they were a friendly and welcoming Nation and we look forward to working closely with the schools, Anderson Education and Mark Brooks Education in future”- Philip Stapleton   Headmaster, West Buckland School

“I wanted to drop you a line to express my thanks for the recent Lagos / Abuja trip – it was a masterpiece of organisation in every respect, incredibly busy, delightfully varied and, hopefully, productive for all concerned. It was hard work for everyone, but I can only dimly imagine how much effort you and your team must have put in to make the whole series of events work so effectively. Anyway, the admissions team and I here at Rishworth are working to cultivate the interest which was expressed, and we are always delighted to host parental visits / boarder taster sessions or to provide any necessary information. Thanks again, and very much in anticipation of following up with another visit to Nigeria in the future”- Anthony Wilkins   Head of Heathfield, Heathfield Junior School, Rishworth

“Thank you for inviting us to the UK Educational Boarding School Exhibition in Lagos and Abuja. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of this trip, we met serious parents and delightful children We were also given the opportunity to introduce our services to new schools, as well as having the opportunity to meet up with schools that currently outsource their Tier 4 responsibilities to us. Thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable!”- The Taylor Partnership

“A well organised trip with a varied itinerary which gave excellent opportunities to network and build links with families and schools”- Emma Ray-Davies   Tettenhall College


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